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Create a Profile in 2-4 mins

Create a Profile to receive invitations from potential employers. You can subscribe to a Job Alert to receive emails with tailored job offers as well.

Companies apply to you

Preview the details - from the job title to the salary and the required tech stack! It also works the other way round - browse job offers and send proposals yourself.

Compare and pick the best deal

Compare job offers side by side, see what works best for your career goals and salary requirements. Follow up with the best match and land your dream job!

Get 5% salary bonus from us

Say "Hi" to your new team. Integrate into the team and after the first 90 days of successful work we'll reward you. Save money for your dream road trip. Isn't it amazing!

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Whatever you are - Technology Leader, Software Developer, DevOps, QA Engineer or Product Manager - Worknector is your connection with the right role in the right company - with no middlemen involved. It’s our mission to match you with exclusively relevant job offers based on your tech stack, goals, preferences, and desired salary.

View clear job offers

All the jobs posted on our site are subject to verification by our HR expert. This means you’ll never waste your time on job listings like “Hiring someone to make a rocket for free”. Choose among real job offers and learn more details about them right away.

Get a raise of 5% at the start

Our matching technology works in a way that allows employers save money by not overpaying for agency services. What used to be agencies’ commission, becomes your reward - 5% of your first year salary as a bonus. We find it a fair deal to share with those who trust us. This unique Bonus Program will help you get a better compensation and increase your income in the first year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an agency?
We are not an agency. Companies apply to you directly. There are no middlemen. We verify all the employers before they start posting their jobs.
What’s the difference between a Job Alert and a Profile?
A Job Alert allows you to get fresh job offers by email. Simply indicate key points for matching (2-4 mins) and enjoy our weekly selection of job offers in the background. If you are interested in more options, create A Profile and apply.

A Profile allows you to become visible for companies and get interviewed directly by them as well as to send proposals yourself.
Who can view my Profile?
If needed, you can completely anonymize your Profile to hide your name and photo from all the companies or your current employer. You disclose your identity only when responding to a prospective employer's request or applying to a job and sharing your Profile.
When do I get my bonus?
After the first 90 days of successful work at your new job, you’ll get the 5% salary Bonus from us as a "Thank you for using Worknector!". No bureaucracy or talks. The bonus award process is digitised and fully transparent. The Pay-Out is free.
How do you handle my data?
Thanks to the data log in your Profile, you always know when and which employer viewed it. We store all our users' data in the EU (Germany) in strict compliance with the EU GDPR.

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