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Worknector helps developers find new opportunities in Germany with safety and time saving

How it works

Are you ready for something new? Worknector is your most simple and safe way

Create an anonymous profile

2 to 4 minutes. No personal data or phone numbers at the start. Just specify your preferences for us to find the best offers for you.

Get invitations from employers

Get invitations from employers in the background. Find information about company, team, salary and bonus. You also may choose attractive roles.

Choose the best offer and get a new job

Choose the best offer and say "YES". You disclose your identity only as you respond to a prospective employer's invitation and share your profile.

Get a signing bonus from €2,000

Does new team fit you? It's great! Get your reward from the employer on clear terms. Buy a new computer or save money for a vacation :)

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How Worknector can help you

Anonymously and with no risk

Using an anonymous profile, you can start without providing any personal details. No more spam and calls. In any case the prospective employers will only have access to your anonymous profile. You can choose whom to share your details with.

Your reward

Our new digital process replaces out-dated job finding methods by means of recruitment agencies. Now, employers will share most of those fees with you. A signing bonus from €2,000 will help you to gain more.

More time for living

Don't waste your time. Simply indicate some key things and get invitations along with actual job listings. If you are interested in some things, extend your profile and make smart time investments.

No risk and stress for your career development

Direct employers, clear offers

Direct employers only. Thanks to full transparency of offers you can compare every aspect, including information about companies, teams and salaries.

Fixed bonus terms

Terms are absolutely clear, no clauses. The employer pays a bonus on the terms specified at the platform.

Your data and privacy control

You always know when and who got your personal data. We store all our users' data in EU (Germany) in strict conformity with EU GDPR. Data are SSL-encrypted with 2048-bit keys.

Be in the community!

Fill in a simple preliminary form and get an invitation along with the latest platform updates.